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UT Shuttle

The UT Shuttle System serves more than 5.2 million passengers each year, making it one of the largest university shuttle systems in the country. It is operated by Capital Metro, which also has numerous city bus routes that serve UT Austin. UT students, faculty, and staff may use all shuttles and buses free of charge with a valid UT photo ID. Schedules and routes are all available online (links below), and Dadnab offers a way to receive transit directions by text message (just text 512-981-6221 with your origin and destination). There are many other useful apps also available for transit users. Most of the shuttle routes have a frequency of every 5 to 10 minutes. UT commuters wishing to bring a bike to campus may use the bike rack found on the front of the shuttles and buses.

In 2014, Capital Metro launched a next generation bus line called MetroRapid. This service, which includes UT Austin along the routes, offers free onboard Wi-Fi, has traffic signal technology to extend green lights a few seconds when running behind schedule, and utilizes Transit Priority Lanes downtown. For more information, please refer to the list below (MetroRapid routes are highlighted in black).

Parking spaces at UT Austin are limited and expensive. For example, an annual garage permit for commuting students costs $6281. If you’re going to live off-campus, it’s wise to choose an apartment, condo, or house near a shuttle or bus route that goes to campus.

Routes Serving UT Austin

Route ID Route Name Route URL (to access schedule & map) Route Category
1 Metric/South Congress

Local Service Routes

Multiple stop service to and from UT Austin & downtown

3 Burnet/Manchaca
5 Woodrow/South 5th
7 Duval/Dove Springs
10 South 1st/Red River
18 Martin Luther King
19 Bull Creek
20 Manor Rd/Riverside
21 Exposition, Clockwise
22 Chicon, Counterclockwise
37 Colony Park/Windsor Park
100 Airport Flyer

Flyer Routes

Limited stop service to and from neighborhoods, UT Austin, & downtown

103 Manchaca Flyer
110 South Central Flyer
111 South Mopac Flyer
127 Dove Springs Flyer
142 Metric Flyer
171 Oak Hill Flyer
410 E-Bus/West Campus

Special Services

Transport from late night downtown and from MetroRail Stations

412 E-Bus/Main Campus
464 MLK/Capitol Rail Connector
465 MLK/UT Rail Connector
481 Night Owl North Lamar
FA (640) Forty Acres UT Shuttle

UT Shuttle Routes

Limited stop service between student living areas and UT Austin

EC (641) East Campus UT Shuttle
WC (642) West Campus UT Shuttle
RR (653) Red River UT Shuttle
IF (656) Intramural Fields UT Shuttle
FW (661) Far West UT Shuttle
LA (663) Lake Austin UT Shuttle
CP (670) Crossing Place UT Shuttle
NR (671) North Riverside UT Shuttle
LS (672) Lakeshore UT Shuttle
NR/LS (680) N Riverside/Lakeshore UT Shuttle
IF/FW (681) Intramural/Far West UT Shuttle
801 MetroRapid N Lamar/S Congress


Rapid, premium service with free Wi-Fi on Austin's major corridors

803 MetroRapid Burnet/S Lamar
935 Tech Ridge Express

Express Routes

Limited stop service to and from UT, downtown, and Park and Rides

982 Pavilion Express
983 N. US 183 Express
985 Leander/Lakeline District Express
987 Leander/NW Express
990 Manor/Elgin Express
1 http://www.utexas.edu/parking/parking/student